Malware samples and IRC logs

Here are some 200+ virus files and some irc logs
This is from a while ago, so some of the ircs have been shut down or already posted by now.
Download here

read me.txt

Some more info
zain in #zain is n1gthwalk3r786 on Hackforums
Bv1 was spreading via a blackhole exploit kit, see, for the pack info.
Most of the files on it connected to #bv1 on, one to #bv1 on 
I've removed all of the .ftp, .firefox and .chrome stuff I could find.
Info about some of the files is located in the (some) downloads folder in the text files. 
I scanned most of the files and tried to list where the later ones came from. Most of the ones that arn't in a text file probably came from or, where bv1 was storing his files without a index page.
I think I labeled all of the logs with the correct irc server, but I might be wrong.
IRC servers are listed in the IRC Servers.txt in the info folder for quick access. Some might be missing from there, check the downloads text files.
Most of the viruses are RATs people bought installs for.

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Anonymous - June 12, 2012 at 10:40 am

Zain andromeda webpanel Crack him 🙂

Anonymous - June 16, 2012 at 12:23 pm

Please post the file to some place other than a Russian site where you have to fill out surveys to get a download link.

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