kbbxnq.am.files.1drv.com(Loki Bot Hosted In United States Of America Des Moines Microsoft Corporation)

Connects to random domains like : kbbxnq.am.files.1drv.com

Downloads encrypted file from : hxxps://onedrive.live.com/download?cid=95FCF6A0982EDBAA&resid=95FCF6A0982EDBAA%21384&authkey=ADToz6om2_g4nq4

Steals Data from : Vivaldi, Maple Studio, SecureFX, Pocomail, Chromium, KiTTY, NCH Fling, Orbitum, AbleFTP, IncrediMail, Internet Explorer / Edge, CocCoc, Bitvise SSH Client, Microsoft Outlook, NCH Classic FTP, BlazeFTP, WinChips, Epic Privacy Browser, Pidgin, PuTTY, Automize, FAR Manager, Yandex Browser, Comodo Dragon, Chrome Canary, JaSFTP, Google Chrome, Total Commander, Trojita, Internet Explorer, FileZilla, Torch, Opera Mail, Opera, QtWeb Internet Browser, LinasFTP, FTP Navigator.

Sample : hxxp://www.wiserecruitment.com.au/zed/new.exe


Hosting Infos :



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