bots hosted in United States Dallas Limestone Networks Inc.)

Resolved : [] To [] var $config = array(“server”=>””, “port”=>”443”, “pass”=>””, “prefix”=>”[BET][RLZ]”, “maxrand”=>”4”, “chan”=>”#betorlz”, “chan2″=>””, “key”=>””, “modes”=>”+iB-x”, “password”=>”betinho”, “trigger”=>”.”, “hostauth”=>”*” // Clients: I have 297 clients and 0 servers Local users: Current local users: 297 Max: 607 Global users: Current global users: 297 Max: 607 Now talking in #betorlz ([[BET][RLZ]2706) [UdpFlood Finalizado!]: 1687 MB enviados botnet hosted in United States San Jose – Oow)

Resolved : [] To [] other domain names used from same guy: Resolved : [] To [] Resolved : [] To [] Resolved : [] To [] Remote Host Port Number 80 1887 PASS powned NICK n{US|XPa}rqrrlpw USER rqrrlpw 0 0 :rqrrlpw JOIN #sbsb powned JOIN #XP JOIN #US Now HTTP Bot hosted in Turkey Izmir Inetmar Internet Hizmetleri San. Tic. Ltd. Sti)

Remote Host Port Number 80 Panel: u can download web panel from here: if the file is removed go to to download server source and web panel hosting infos: botnet hosted in China Guiyang China Telecom)

Resolved : [] To [] Resolved : [] To [] Remote Host Port Number 3323 PASS eee Nick ntaxmbs ssrr ataihfj “” “ufa” :ataihfj Chanels:#s,#i,#dpi,#ng,#j hosting infos:

109mb samples

This package contains mostly irc bots,banking trojans,RATS,worms,bitcoin miners Download samples: Download Download


Traffic – by TCP/IP Connections:97 outbound connection found Country IP Port IP 16471 BG 16471 UA 16471 JP 16471 JP 16471 CN 16471 IN 16471 JP 16471 JP 16471 IN 16471 JP 16471 JP 16471 JP 16471 US 16471 KG 2.5.0 bot hosted in Spain Ovh Systems)

This is one report from Zazu here is the original link and all credits go to Zazu for this report DNS: DNS Provider: DNS resolved: Port: 50111 Server Password: l33thack Channel #choi Bot Master’s Nickname: andrew Hosted By: Location: Spain Sample: “” Sample Status: The sample seems to be encrypted and