Month: February 2014 bots hosted in China Tianjin China Unicom Tianjin Province Network)

dns: nick: addr: ip: Longip: 2099713690 ## my @nickname = (“mIRc-KinG”); ## my $nick =$nickname[rand scalar @nickname];   my $nick =$rircname[rand scalar @rircname];   $server = ‘’ unless $server; my $port = ‘6668’;   my $linas_max=’8′; my $sleep=’5′;   my $homedir = “var/tmp”; my $version = ‘ 1,11D 11,1DoS Bot Powerd By (Linux botnet hosted in Korea, Republic Of Seoul Korea Internet Data Center)

Botnet found by X. nick: addr: ip: Longip: 3739683409 Server: Channels: #org,#rpl,#root,#viar   Now 15 talking in #org Topic On : [ #org ] [ Don’t flood fuck || Register your nick… !!! [ SCAN ON ] || if you want to donate server,,please pm admin.. ] Hosting infos: