botnet hosted in Germany Berlin Active Media)

Remote Host Port Number 3177 RAT here 3211 IRCD here NICK Sapphire{USA|XP-SP2}0300311 USER 03003114 “” “03003114” :03003114 MODE Sapphire{USA|XP-SP2}0300311 JOIN #Sapphire_2# NICK New{USA|XP-SP2}1046453 USER 10464537 “” “10464537” :10464537 MODE New{USA|XP-SP2}1046453 hosting infos: botnet hosted in United States New York Webair Internet Development Company Inc)

Remote Host Port Number 3800 PASS hax0r 80 80 * The data identified by the following URLs was then requested from the remote web server: o o PRIVMSG #dpi :[d=”” s=”23552 bytes”] Executed file “C:Documents and SettingsUserNameApplication Data1.tmp” – Download retries: 0 PASS hax0r..KCIK 00000010 | 206E 7B55 537C 5850’s botnet hosted in the whole world lol)

this is prob one of the bigest botnets still alive from years now port:3305 Resolved : [] To [] Resolved : [] To [] Resolved : [] To [] Resolved : [] To [] DNS List:

50mb malware samples

This is another package with diferent malwares have fun size=50mb Download: