(ngrbot hosted by Lithuania Ovh Systems)

Resolved to Server: Port: 8778 Server password: secret Channel:#JEFE Channel password: nogays Channel topic: Topic for #JEFE is: ~up 42224acfcb33d8bdbc9101957e3dc0bc ~s Topic for #JEFE set by depredetor at Wed Aug 29 15:50:33 2012 Other channels are country codes: #US, #GB, #SE, etc Hosting infos: Sample Download

LilyJade again

Lilyjade is back and has moved up in the world. After Google chrome prevented the installation of extensions from sources other than the official webstore (due to the actions of malicious extensions such as lilyjade), lilyjade had a problem. Rather than explain the complicated steps needed to bypass the restriction, lilyjade spreaders have bypassed the (irc bot hosted in United States State College Comcast Business Communications Llc)

Mirc xdcc bots Resolved : [] To []   [ADMINCHAN] channel=#KCA3 admin-enable=$true [nick] prenick=WarezDivx [passwords] owner=d9b820a195766546549a0e9a7fb8728d admin=d9b820a195766546549a0e9a7fb8728d filler=d9b820a195766546549a0e9a7fb8728d [message] header-enable=$true footer-enable=$true header=..::[ 1WaReZ R00tZ 2009 ]::.. footer=..::[ 1WaReZ R00tZ 2009 ]::.. [options] needvoice=off [xserver] nspass= status=on sent=2310 packs=0 [xdcc] reqmeth=msg enable-queues=$true enable-autoadd=$false sends=10 queues=20 sends-user=1 queues-user=2 message=$true time=30 [show] queues=$true slots=$true record=$true bandwidth=$true total=$true [channels] 1=#KCA3 (IRC botnets hosted by France Roubaix Ovh Systems)

Resolved to Server: Port: 7356 Password: d0wn * There are 1 users and 896 invisible on 1 servers * 4 :unknown connection(s) * 41 :channels formed * I have 897 clients and 0 servers * Current Local Users: 897  Max: 1356 * Current Global Users: 897  Max: 1356 Channel: #d0wn4l1f3 Pass: down (Ragebot and ngrbot hosted by United States State College Comcast Business Communications Llc)

Connecting to ( Server: Port: 6667 Channel: ##fbi##  Topic for ##fbi## is: .xpl 90 1 189.x.x.x 3 1 201.x.x.x 3 1  Topic for ##fbi## set by Jorgee at Wed Aug 22 16:56:44 2012 Opers:st0n3d, DarkMisterio, Jorgee, KCA, Morad, Supreme, unutulan Auth host: Jorgee (Jorgee@jorge.c) Nick format: raGe|mtpxriDbDh Channel: #s  Topic for #s is: botnet hosted in Turkey Balikesir Turk Telekomunikasyon Anonim Sirketi)

Resolved : [] To [] Download URLs ( ( Outgoing connection to remote server: TCP port 80 C&C Server: Server Password: Username: TURKiSH Nickname: [N][DEU][XP][29218] Channel: #s (Password: KCA) #X, #XX, #XXX and #KCA Channeltopic: :!download 1 hosting infos: