boris and hf hecker

boris a guy who idle into our irc channel #security had a conversation with a botnet owner
we had alot of fun reading now is your turn lol

<boris> If you want to keep this ircd to yourself, I suggest you listen very carefully.
<boris> firstly, a whois will not give you my real connecting address
<boris> secondly, banning me from this server will not stop me
<boris> and thirdly, why are you using this shitty baracuda bot?
<Paradoxun> Who the <censored> are you? I've never even banned you.
<boris> I know
<Paradoxun> Are you directing everything to me or?
<boris> just an advanced warning, anyway sup?
<Paradoxun> I don't even know who you are.
<Paradoxun> What's going on?
<boris> How is running xbox live on a daily basis treating you?
<Paradoxun> ...
<Paradoxun> I don't play xbox.
<boris> Yeah..? Well you probably should
<Paradoxun> Have you infected me?
<boris> no, did you purchase the baraccuda bot?
<Paradoxun> Well, why?
<boris> just wondering
<Paradoxun> who are you man?
<Paradoxun> like wtf..
<boris> I have came to the conclusion that the bot itself is very insecure, I mean anyone can just run a command
<boris> without logging in or authenticating in any way
<Paradoxun> How did you get hold of my channel?
<Paradoxun> And you're the one robbing my bots?
<boris> no
<boris> I have no need for bots
<boris> but there are 3 others in your chan watching right now
<Paradoxun> How did they get my channel?...
<Paradoxun> And how did you?
<boris> If I told you that it wouldnt be very fun would it?
<Paradoxun> well, i don't find this fun personally.
<boris> anyway, you should be aware
<Paradoxun> of what?
<boris> a lot of people are deciding the fate of your bots right now
<Paradoxun> Well, can I ask why me and not some other customer?
<boris> just we happened to get a sample of your bot in our hands
<boris> I am still here you know...
<boris> and didn't you read the second thing I said?
<Paradoxun> Oh, okay. Have you infected the owner?
<boris> no
<Paradoxun> So can I ask a few things?
<boris> sure
<Paradoxun> Why me? Who the <censored> is the other 3?
<boris> no idea, they wouldn't tell me their nicks in your #yoloswag chan
<boris> any other questions?
<boris_> excuse me, my connection timed out
<boris_> this is same guy again, different nick
<Paradoxun> that's fine.
<Paradoxun> can I ask how you got access? Because I'm an innoccent person..
<boris_> you are innocent?
<boris_> when did running botnets become innocent?
<Paradoxun> Yes..
<Paradoxun> I've done nothing.
<Paradoxun> You know, this is my first time.
<Paradoxun> I don't even ddos people.
<Paradoxun> I had other plans.
<boris_> so on each one of your bots you had the permission of the users to run your bot?
<boris_> because that is breaking the law, infecting another users computer with the purpose to abuse it
<Paradoxun> No, but I haven't used the bots in a bad way.
<Paradoxun> Yes, I know that.
<boris_> so why take the risk?
<Paradoxun> Well, this is a great experience with my first time using mIRC.
<boris_> well mIRC is just one of many irc clients... but sure
<boris_> it seems your centos vps from Radore Hosting
<boris_> wasn't the best idea you ever had
<boris_> you do realize turkey is part of the eu right?
<boris_> and they will co-operate with the federal agencies to prevent cybercrime and convict criminals?
<Paradoxun> Man.
<Paradoxun> Are you going to give me answers?
<boris_> sure
<boris_> what would you like to know?
<Paradoxun> kai,
<Paradoxun> how did you get access?
<Paradoxun> You sniffed it?
<boris_> nah, someone just gave me the hostname and port
<boris_> I thought I would check it out, proved to be interesting enough
<Paradoxun> go
<Paradoxun> go away
<boris_> why?
<boris_> I kind of like it here
<boris_> oh and you should probably
<boris_> run 'yum update'
<boris_> on your vps as root
<boris_> as soon as possible
<boris_> your centos system is using vulernable software
<Paradoxun> yeah man, i'm not sure if i should run yum or spaghetti hoop update.
<boris_> well thats the problem with GNU/Linux
<boris_> typical pc users have never came across it before
<Paradoxun> how about french fries?
<boris_> nah
<boris_> but seriously though, take my advice
<boris_> update your centos system
<Paradoxun> i ran yum update and everything is okay.
<boris_> ok, everything is up to date?
Paradoxun is Paradoxun@F6C4E258.68A03770.B72161D0.IP * ...
Paradoxun using Private
Paradoxun has been idle 19secs, signed on Sat Oct 27 23:59:47
Paradoxun End of /WHOIS list.
<Paradoxun> You are one huge <censored> troll
<Paradoxun> Does your IP happen to be
<boris_> funny
<boris_> no
<Paradoxun> Yes it is
<Paradoxun> because I'm oper of this server
<boris_> do you think I would be stupid enough to go anywhere on the internet with my own ip?
<Paradoxun> and I did a whois on you
<Paradoxun> yes you are
<Paradoxun> boris_ is * ...
<Paradoxun> boris_ is using modes +iwxG 
<Paradoxun> boris_ is connecting from *
<Paradoxun> boris_ using Private
<Paradoxun> boris_ has been idle 11secs, signed on Sat Oct 27 19:21:30
<Paradoxun> boris_ End of /WHOIS list.
<boris_> nope, I kinda feel sorry for you if you think it is
<Paradoxun> Eh, I did a whois on boris when he was on (not boris_)
<Paradoxun> and that was the ip
<boris_> go to
<Paradoxun> Plus I log everything on this server
<boris_> and see for yourself
<Paradoxun> I know, you connected to a VPN AFTER I DDOSED YOU
<boris_> huh, you never ddosed me
<Paradoxun> Yes I did, that's why you disconnected you <censored> idiot
<boris_> you might have ddosed one of my proxies, but not me
<boris_> you should try it sometime, its great being anonymous on the internet
<Paradoxun> I'm on one.
<boris_> on what?
<Paradoxun> Of course, you can't see the IP
<Paradoxun> I'm on a VPN
<boris_> a proxy/vpn what?
<Paradoxun> OpenVPN VPN
<boris_> vpn is a terrible way to stay anonymous online
<Paradoxun> Lol.
<boris_> do you really trust the people providing the vpn service with all your details?
<Paradoxun> Well, honestly, the VPN is setup on my VPS
<Paradoxun> and I bought the VPS by using bitcoins while on TOR
<Paradoxun> So yes, I trust myself
<boris_> so is your vps
<boris_> and you are running an ircd
<boris_> and a vpn on it...?
<boris_> blimey, you are the cleverest guy I have ever met
<Paradoxun> No that's another VPS
<Paradoxun> You are clueless
<boris_> ok, well this server is
<Paradoxun> But 
<Paradoxun> You can run a VPN and IRC daemon on a server at the same time
<Paradoxun> I know what this server IP is
<boris_> yeah obviously, multiplexed processing is one of the great things of the 21st century
-> [Paradoxun] TIME
<boris_> so I guess you are from the UK?
<Paradoxun> what's the IP address? don't give me it and you can <censored> off.
<boris_> ip address of what?
<Paradoxun> Fwak off, kay/
<Paradoxun> ?*
<boris_> why are you being so rude?
<Paradoxun> Because you have no rights to be in my <censored> channel you idiot.
<boris_> why not? its a public irc server
<boris_> and I am not in your channel
<Paradoxun> i'm from us btw.
<Paradoxun> not uk, tard.
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Anonymous - October 28, 2012 at 9:35 am

What a fucking skid, cant believe people buy his copy pasted junk.

Hopefully all his bots were stolen or /removed

Anonymous - October 28, 2012 at 2:33 pm

pretty lulzy

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