– IRC Conversations:
Nick: raGe|rmPiACJpzv
Username: hwomeoo
Joined Channel: #vnc# with Password pakie
Channel Topic for Channel #vnc#: “.xpl 100 1 y 2 0 213.x.x.x .p2p .rarworm “
Private Message to Channel #vnc#: “^C14,1.:[^C15,1rAGEBoT^C14,1]:.^C15,1 p2p spread started.”
Private Message to Channel #vnc#: “^C14,1.:[^C15,1rAGEBoT^C14,1]:.^C15,1 range: 213.x.x.x with 100 threads. (autorooting)”
Private Message to Channel #vnc#: “^C14,1.:[^C15,1rAGEBoT^C14,1]:.^C15,1 rarworm activated.”

Initiating service scan against 8 services on ( at 20:08
Service scan Timing: About 62.50% done; ETC: 20:09 (0:00:34 remaining)
Service scan Timing: About 75.00% done; ETC: 20:10 (0:00:35 remaining)
The service scan took 105.17s to scan 8 services on 1 host.
For OSScan assuming that port 21 is open and port 1 is closed and neither are firewalled
Host ( appears to be up … good.
Interesting ports on (
(The 1650 ports scanned but not shown below are in state: closed)
21/tcp open ftp?
113/tcp open auth?
135/tcp open msrpc Microsoft Windows msrpc
139/tcp filtered netbios-ssn
420/tcp open ftp
445/tcp filtered microsoft-ds
3000/tcp open ppp?
4899/tcp open radmin?
6667/tcp open irc?
8080/tcp open http-proxy?

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