Outgoing Connections
Transport Protocol: TCP
Remote Address:
Remote Port: 6667

Nick: [AUT|00|P|78961]
Username: XP-7547
Server Pass: test
Joined Channel: #SaMu with Password test

Topic Deleted:
Private Message Deleted
Value: :IRC! PRIVMSG [USA|00|P|86483] :_CHAR(0x01)_VERSION_CHAR(0x01)_
Value: :SecureServ! PRIVMSG [USA|00|P|86483] :_CHAR(0x01)_VERSION_CHAR(0x01)_
Notice Message Deleted
Value: NOTICE AUTH :*** Looking up your hostname…
Value: NOTICE AUTH :*** Found your hostname
Value: NOTICE [USA|00|P|86483] :Setting/removing of usermode(s) ‘ixBwCs’ has been disabled

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