m3rcil3ss.co.cc(botnet hosted in Turkey Netinternet-net)

m3rcil3ss.co.cc DNS_TYPE_A
Nick: [AUS|XP|620207]
Username: onfkyav
Server Pass: m3rc
Joined Channel: #m3rc with Password kxfcrt
Channel Topic for Channel #m3rc: “.p2p”
Private Message to Channel #m3rc: “[p2p]: Spreading to p2p folders.”
Set by ccc on Tue Dec 28 08:36:24
Private Message to User [AUS|XP|620207]: “VERSION”
Now talking in #2k38
Process Created:
Topic is ‘|.ddosstop -s|.aksyn www.jjj.com 80 9999999 wyn 5000 100 5 0 0 0 0 10 5 0 0 -s’
Set by ccc on Wed Feb 09 17:18:13

infos about hosting:

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