tetova.myftp.org(botnet hosted in Brazil Sao Paulo Comite Gestor Da Internet No Brasil)

macedonian lamers using brasilian machine to scan for vnc

tetova.myftp.org DNS_TYPE_A
Nick: raGe|BdJeaNHNrv
Username: igsasjs
Joined Channel: #asc# with Password rage
Channel Topic for Channel #asc#: “.xpl 75 1 24.x.x.x 3 1 24.x.x.x”
Private Message to Channel #asc#: “^C14,1.:[^C15,1rAGEBoT^C14,1]:.^C15,1 range: 24.x.x.x with 75 threads. (autorooting)”

infos about hosting:

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