botnet hosted in Belgium Brussels Telenet N.v)

Finally first belgian hecker from Iran Remote Host Port Number 8080 NICK IC79467772 USER root 8 * : some name PONG :E1B2C2E5 JOIN #iseee PRIVMSG #iseee :&userid=COMPUTERNAME PONG Telenet claim to be one of the best ISP in Belgium and this botnet is hosted in Telenet Network This is more funny: remarks: trouble: botnet hosted in Portugal Lisbon Onitelecom – Infocomunicacoes S.a)

Remote Host Port Number 7107 NICK new[iRooT-XP-USA]694514 USER 4318 “” “TsGh” :4318 JOIN #!MSN! Coded PONG NICK new[iRooT-XP-USA]389985 MODE #!Reklam! PRIVMSG #!Reklam! : OnLine… NICK DeliCocuk USER bruce “mIRC” “” :KendiniBilmeZ JOIN #!Reklam! sikimiye MODE DeliCocuk +i USER 4207 “” “TsGh” :4207 JOIN #!MSN! Coded PRIVMSG #!MSN! :[Download]: Executed Successfully NICK anil USER bots hosted in United Kingdom Synergyworks Internet)

$servidor=’’ unless $servidor; my $porta=’7150′; my @adms=(“byz9991”); my @canais=(“#bot”); Resolved : [] To [] Resolved : [] To [] Resolved : [] To [] hosting infos: variant hosted in Germany Intergenia Ag)

Remote Host Port Number 2444 gBot gBot NICK n{USA|XP}lnatesd USER n{USA|XP}lnatesd 0 0 :n{USA|XP}lnatesd JOIN #Peach mychankey PRIVMSG #Peach :[FileProt]: File protection has been enabled for C:WINDOWSsystem32Windefend.exe Now talking in #Peach Topic On: [ #Peach ] [ .prot] Topic By: [ Atthackers ] {ARE|W7}ywdxoqh) [FileProt]: File protection already enabled for C:WindowsSystem32Windefend.exe with botnet hosted in France Gandi)

Remote Host Port Number 1337 NICK [nLh-VNC]eftvsr USER hdadboweq “” “rage” :hdadboweq JOIN #VnC# PRIVMSG #VnC# : [RAGE SCAN:] range: 97.x.x.x/94 threads. PONG hosting infos:

37mb malware samples

Worms,bankers,irc bots inside this package have fun reversing them Download: botnet hosted in Czech Republic Liberec Supernetwork S.r.o)

Remote Host Port Number 31092 NICK US|computername USER siruyuse UNIX UNIX :username JOIN #global# JOIN #US Now talking in #global# Topic On: [ #global# ] [ omtECZWQgee3/7w9aGStOwmHmYQVTJXFx68dXRhkVWUhNomgeVieycdUnnRaoait ] Modes On: [ #global# ] [ +smntMu ] hosting infos: