Aryan Bot Commands

This bot is spreading around and is same shit as ngrBot
here are commands for this crap

Please note that this list only contains the default commands and prefix's, 
remember your commands and prefix and subsitute it accordingly.

@Info - Displays the location from where your bot is running from.

@Remove - Fully Removes the bot from the victim's computer.

@Join #Channel - Makes the bots join the channel you specified.

@Part - Will make them leave the channel this command was entered from only if the channel isn't the main one. 
@Part #Channel - Will make the bots leave the channel that you specify, this can make them leave the main channel.

@Botkill - Will search for an remove all bots from the victim's computer.

@Reconnect - Will make bot disconnect from the server and reconnect in 30 seconds, very useful when migrating servers.

@Sort - Will make bots join a channel that corresponds with there country

@UnSort - Will make bots leave there sorted channel

@Visit [SHOW/HIDE] [URL] - Will launch the victim's default browser and have it open the specified link. The SHOW/HIDE parameter is 
                           case sensitive.

@Download [URL] [0/1/2/3] - Download File.
- 0 = Just download and don't execute it.
- 1 = Just download and execute the file.
- 2 = Update
- 3 = Safe update will simply replace the currently installed bot with the newly updated one and the update will take affect upon
      the next startup for the victim's computer.

@Download.Stop - Will terminate any existing download threads.

@Udp.Start [IP] [PORT] [DELAY] [LENGTH] - UDP flood attack.

@Udp.Stop - Stops all currently running udp attacks.
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