jayian.com(irc botnet hosted in United States Kenmore Sentris Network Llc)

Resolved : [jayian.com] To []

Remote Host Port Number 1866

USER hh “” “lol” :hh
JOIN #!h!
PONG 422

Now talking in #!h!
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Topic By: [ xx ]

Remote Host Port Number 80 80 2087 PASS carmex

PRIVMSG #!s! :[DNS]: Blocked 1325 domain(s) – Redirected 0 domain(s)
NICK n{US|XPa}ydumpja
USER ydumpja 0 0 :ydumpja
JOIN #!s! carmex
PRIVMSG #!s! :[MSN]: Updated MSN spread interval to “3”
PRIVMSG #!s! :[MSN]: Updated MSN spread message to “:P LOL http://www.bompesqueiro.com/album.php?usr637-id3d7l1-Photo81.JPG”
PRIVMSG #!s! :[HTTP]: Updated HTTP spread interval to “3”
PRIVMSG #!s! :[HTTP]: Updated HTTP spread message to “:O LOL http://www.bompesqueiro.com/album.php?usr929-id3c1k5-Photo37.JPG”

hosting infos:

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