hosted in Germany Intergenia Ag)

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elperro23.net(ngrBot hosted in United States Seattle Dme Hosting Llc)

Domains used to control bots: elperro23.net elperro3.net Resolved : [elperro23.net] To [] Remote Host Port Number 80 80 5236 PASS ROCKR PRIVMSG #rockspread :[HTTP]: Updated HTTP spread message to “Mira esta postal de amor q me enviaron http://www.anrodphoto.com/entretenimiento.terra.com/postaldeamor esta muy linda :)” PRIVMSG #ROCK :[DNS]: Blocked 0 domain(s) – Redirected 20 domain(s)

paradoxnet.ru(SpyEye v1.3 hosted in Ukraine Lugansk Fop Opria Ruslan Dmitrievich)

Now alot of idiots are using spyeye here is the example SpyEye Panels http://sna.paradoxnet.ru/spy/gate.php http://paradoxnet.ru/spy/gate.php SpyEye Directory Back-connect server SpyEye Collector v0.3.9 SpyEye Collector v0.3.9 configuration file SpyEye Collector v0.3.9 sql tables Formgraber panel SpyEye Gate Installer Picture1 Picture2 SpyEye Control Panel u can also have the full SpyEye installer from this panel the problem

lookshit.info(irc botnet hosted in Netherlands Amsterdam Ecatel Ltd)

Resolved : [lookshit.info] To [] Remote Host Port Number 65485 PASS biology Local users: Current Local Users: 390 Max: 418 Global users: Current Global Users: 390 Max: 418 USER bot 0 * : Merqy[UserName@COMPUTERNAME] NICK [wXP|EN|53124|M] JOIN #Merqy s3xy 89 bots inside JOIN #Merqy.EN s3xy 37 bots inside hosting infos: http://whois.domaintools.com/ botnet hosted in United States Codero)

Remote Host Port Number 6667 PASS google_cache2.tmp NICK New[custom-XP-USA]763897 USER 7638 “” “TsGh” :7638 PONG :974C3BFC JOIN #icry 9977 PONG :irc.foonet.com hosting infos: http://whois.domaintools.com/ hosted in France Ovh Systems)

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