hosted in United States Amsterdam Santrex Internet Services Ltd)

Remote Host Port Number 80 6667 PASS secret

Clients: I have 111 clients and 0 servers
Local users: Current Local Users: 111 Max: 205
Global users: Current Global Users: 111 Max: 205

NICK n{US|XPa}mthtknh
USER mthtknh 0 0 :mthtknh
JOIN #bone peruch

Now talking in #bone
Joins: {ESP|XPa}tyxdvpo [tyxdvpo@594ABF0E.765DC855.6CB32CB6.IP]
Joins: {PE|W7u}ldbnzwu 12[15ldbnzwu@22B3CEAE.9F16B729.F84BD3C2.IP]

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