c4t3ring.info(ngrBot hosted in United States Herndon Road Runner Holdco Llc)

Domains used to control bots:

pedoapestoso.info not active

Resolved : [c4t3ring.info] To []
Resolved : [ramen4all.info] To []

c4t3ring.info:6161 Botnet server here
ramen4all.info:6161 Botnet server here

Clients: I have 247 clients and 0 servers
Local users: Current Local Users: 247 Max: 1261
Global users: Current Global Users: 247 Max: 280

PASS p3p1n0
NICK n{USA|XPa}skhiyla
USER skhiyla 0 0 :skhiyla
JOIN #bugs p3p1n1

hosting infos:

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