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Very big botnet allready posted diferent domain names from this net here

Resolved : [] To [] port 1889
Resolved : [] To [] port 1889
Resolved : [] To [] port 1889

HTTP Conversations: – []
Request: GET /
Response: 200 “OK” – []
Request: GET /dl/146860590/6c4cc0b/sgfdfa.exe
Response: 302 “Found” – []
Request: GET /get/ea193a98752b0a12f9b89946846523faaeeb1858/4f3ec299/2/e9a6e3acb547b912/8c0ea2e/sgfdfa.exe
Response: 200 “OK”

IRC Conversations:

Nick: n{US|XPa}evbnaif
Username: evbnaif
Server Pass: mflrod
Joined Channel: #XP
Joined Channel: #zxcv with Password mflrod
Joined Channel: #US
Channel Topic for Channel #xp: “~dw 70bfef10e0c8d792ec5b0a4067901133”
Channel Topic for Channel #zxcv: “~pu ca04a7cebffaa9f90511b388be3dd839 ~s -o ~s”
Private Message to Channel #xp: “[d=”” s=”86016 bytes”] Executed file “C:Documents and SettingsAdministratorApplication Data1.exe” – Download retries: 0″


hosting infos:

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