ngrBots hosted in Netherlands Amsterdam Ecatel Ltd)

The noob behind this net is a very big hf hecker named Mystical

Remote Host Port Number 80 6667

Local users: Current Local Users: 1199 Max: 2019
Global users: Current Global Users: 1199 Max: 2019

JOIN #Techno
PONG :Unreal.ircd
NICK n{US|XP-32a}ffmidty
USER ffmidty 0 * :ffmidty
Other channels:
8 [+sntu]
#Boss 17 [+sntu]
Joined Channel: #Loads with Password none
Channel Topic for Channel #Loads: “@botkill” DNS_TYPE_A
Nick: n{AT|XP-32a}nwmipjf
Username: nwmipjf
Server Pass: :Not enough parameters
Joined Channel: #Techno

hosting infos:

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