Miner malware hosted in Belgium Ict Ventures Bvba/sprl)

This is the second belgian hoster found hosting malwares that’s not good lol
Again another great contribution from our anonymous friend wich i called malware because it uses infected machines to do what he does
the bitcoin miner is downloaded from here
it connects to svchost2.exe -o -u trap258_gwas -p himom 111 0

looks like this is Yoshi the hecker from hf lol

svchost64.exe -t 6 -o -u Yoshi_Yoshi1 -p yoshi123

hosting infos:
IT – Operations
address: ICT Ventures BVBA/SPRL
address: Dewandelaerstraat 12
address: 1930 Zaventem
address: Belgium
phone: +32 2 123 45 67
fax-no: +32 2 123 45 67