nbot.no-ip.biz(Aryan Bot hosted in Mexico Television Internacional S.a. De C.v)

Resolved : [nbot.no-ip.biz] To []

Remote Host Port Number 6667

Local users: Current Local Users: 74 Max: 115
Global users: Current Global Users: 74 Max: 90

JOIN #bots none
NICK New{US-XP-x86}7358801
USER 7358801 “” “7358801” :7358801
MODE New{US-XP-x86}7358801 +iMm
PONG :4D23E0D9
PONG :nbot.no-ip.biz

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Modes On: [ #bots 12] [ + ]
Quits: AryaN{GB-WN7-x64}0682464 [0682464@FD377FF1.911E973C.C9191864.IP] (Connection reset by peer)
Quits: AryaN{US-WN7-x64}3750245 [3750245@rox-74F65259.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] (Connection reset by peer)
Quits: AryaN{US-WN7-x64}3173187 [2228124@rox-13A60BB0.ph.ph.cox.net] (Connection reset by peer)
Joins: New{US-WN7-x64}8215461 12[8215461@rox-7096929B.lightspeed.jcvlfl.sbcglobal.net]

hosting infos:


  • Anonymous says:

    Pig, why not go after the big botnets? not skids like this guy who barley has any bots.

  • Pig says:

    i go after every botnet in general
    some of them listed in the blog are very big some smaller but this is how botnets works
    they start with small amounts and then grow up with time
    if this guy spread around after one month u can see the number of bots multiplied by 10

  • Anonymous says:

    That is true, but even in a months time or two most of them won't achieve much as they seem to know nothing about botnets.

    especially the retards who still use "no-ip"