4thdemo.com(Insomnia bot hosted in United States Clarks Summit Volumedrive)

Another post from our anonymous friend

Resolved : [4thdemo.com] To []

server port password channel

4thdemo.com:3344 785chelsea
4thdemo.com:5443 alexandre69 #Channel Password
4thdemo.com:6667 r3m0hdemoni r3de07, #Jamie
4thdemo.com:9891 modrica1x1 #MasterBl4ster modricha1x1, #lolba, #Cro4t, #fric
All are seperate irc servers, but hosted on the same server. Some HF hecker selling to skids.
Oh, its DeMoNi
* [DeMoNi] (DeMoNi@hiddenhost-8017995A.w90-7.abo.wanadoo.fr): …
* [DeMoNi] #Jamie
* [DeMoNi] jackirc.network :jackirc
* [DeMoNi] idle 15:11:50, signon: Sat May 26 02:46:16
* [DeMoNi] End of WHOIS list.
* [r3m0h] (R3m0h@r3de): …
* [r3m0h]
* [r3m0h] jackirc.network :jackirc
* [r3m0h] is a Network Administrator
* [r3m0h] is available for help.
* [r3m0h] idle 04:40:05, signon: Sat May 26 13:18:01
* [r3m0h] End of WHOIS list.
Most only have like 10 bots at peak times.

hosting infos:

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