vvv.exp1oit.in (Andromeda http hosted by France Roubaix Ovh Sas)

Resolved vvv.exp1oit.in to

This is the new andromeda of the french guy.
It is the full version with all of the plugins.

Server: vvv.exp1oit.in
Gate file:  /google/image.php

Formgrabber: beautyoftheworld.ca/xs/f.pack
Gate file: /google/fg.php
Socks: beautyoftheworld.ca/xs/s.pack
Rootkit: beautyoftheworld.ca/xs/r.pack

Downloads files from hxxp://jamboproducciones.com/xs/ and hxxp://ez-cs.net/dk/

He also has a new smoke loader up

Server: smk.cheatgame.org
Gate file: /phpbb/index.php
Confirm at smk.cheatgame.org/phpbb/guest.php   guest:guest

Hosting infos: http://whois.domaintools.com/