(Andromeda http botnet hosted by

Resolved to

Gate file:  /761994/gate.php

This is andromeda 2.07, not the cracked 2.06. You can tell by the admin page located at /adm.php, not on the index page. The owner of this betabot is updating with this, abandoning the betabot.

Mining infos:

Hosting infos:

Related md5s (search on to download the samples):
Andromeda: f3d9605dd5e2a455b16a660de26f9ad5
Bitcoin miner: 117a7628521c95162a80bfdc4386287c

new mining infos: stratum+tcp://

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Anonymous - June 15, 2013 at 5:44 pm

Wait a few more until panel gets leaked, then the bot ends up being cracked.

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