t.baerr01.com (Ngrbot irc botnet hosted by Chinanet)

Resolved t.baerr01.com to,,,,,,

Server:  t.baerr01.com
Port:  6512
Server password:  smart
Channel:  #dpi
:hub.us.com 332 n[US{XPu{pwvvvwa #dpi :!mdns hxxp:// !dl hxxp:// !dl hxxp:// !dl hxxp://
Channel:  #tar
Channel password:  smart

A modified ircd is used, making it difficult to connect using a regular irc client.

Related md5s (search on malwr.com to download the samples):
ngrbot: 1704b32f095bffb55c6c0a01f48a83ae

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