(Andromeda http botnet hosted by

Resolved to

Gate file:  /1800/image.php

Downloads Cutwail as well as other malware. The owner has left a message on the index page.

То, что мы называем злом, является всего лишь неизбежностью в нашем бесконечном развитии.


>Вопросы и предожения сотрудничества (JID):

Google translated:

What we call evil is simply inevitable in our never-ending development.


> Questions and cooperation being offered (JID):

Googling the jabber ID, it looks like he’s some scammer from

Hosting infos:

Related md5s (Search on to download samples)
Andromeda bot: 0a345b3518bbb4be3d34463b17007d30
Cutwail: da53b7983185de17e67579e2de0231be

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