gohome.cathosting.ninja(IRC botnet hosted in Netherlands Roosendaal Nforce Entertainment B.v.)

Thanks to the anonymous guy  who send me the executable.

Domains used from the botnet to connect to the server : gohome.cathosting.ninja
IRC connection :

Files downloaded from the botnet :

URL: hxxp://sunnyamk.com/biox.exe
URL: hxxp://sunnyamk.com/11111111111111111111111111111111111111111.exe
URL: hxxp://sunnyamk.com/qVQLzrpnA7D1X3KwCPse4y00hP6aHIXyiQiyyhlX.exe

All Domains :

Domain Address Country
www.sunnyamk.com Romania
sunnyamk.com Romania
gohome.cathosting.ninja Romania

Samples here.

More on video


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