Author: I_Post_Ur_Info (Insomnia bot hosted in Amsterdam


Server Port 6667 * I have 210 clients and 0 servers * Current Local Users: 210  Max: 423 * Current Global Users: 210  Max: 343 Channels: #XBL, #XBL# nick: {US|W7-32u}fhzxrmu This botnet is used for xbox booting, lots of udp attacks on port 3074 Channel          Users   Topic #XBL#            99      [+sntu] #XBL             91      [+sntu] *Read more... (Insomnia bot hosted in Romania

Uncategorized ( * I have 144 clients and 0 servers * Current Local Users: 144  Max: 803 * Current Global Users: 144  Max: 438 IRC Server HOST, PORT: 6667 Channels: #nulled null3d    #bv1 fuckyou11    Channel          Users   Topic #bv1             95      [+sntu]  #nulled          70      [+sntu]  Nickname:{FR|W7-64u}hodtvhz Owned by Techno from HF  Sample link 1 SampleRead more...

Malware samples and IRC logs


Here are some 200+ virus files and some irc logs This is from a while ago, so some of the ircs have been shut down or already posted by now. Download here read me.txt Some more info zain in #zain is n1gthwalk3r786 on Hackforums Bv1 was spreading via a blackhole exploit kit, see, more...