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Carberp The Banking Trojan Source Now Available To Public


First Zeus now Carberp source are leaked to public Picture from dk forum Source and passwd for the rar archive are available via twitter thnx to ivanlef0u Another link for the source here(around 1.88GB) Password for the archive: “Kj1#w2*LadiOQpw3oi029)K Oa(28)uspeh”

google-analystic-356.org (Carperb banking malware hosted by fartingghost.com)


Resolved google-analystic-356.org to Server:   google-analystic-356.org Gate file:  Not sure how carperb works for this, it seems to just post to random strings with random filetypes. You can see those here Backup domains: google-analystic-594.org google-analystic-462.pro  Neither of these has been registered yet, register them, ddos the others and steal some bots today. (won’t actuallyRead more...