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LilyJade again


Lilyjade is back and has moved up in the world. After Google chrome prevented the installation of extensions from sources other than the official webstore (due to the actions of malicious extensions such as lilyjade), lilyjade had a problem. Rather than explain the complicated steps needed to bypass the restriction, lilyjade spreaders have bypassed theRead more...

Feedbuzz.info (Malicious browser extension Hosted in Canada by Sarah Ryan)


Resolved Feedbuzz.info to The extension comes in both firefox and chrome flavors Initial loading comes from a fake youtube page, http://video8244.uni.me  The page is loaded from a dropbox account (/u/95827902/), and the extensions are loaded from epicrewards.net Here is the firefox extension source loadScript_you(); function loadScript_you() { if ('https:' == document.location.protocol) return false; varRead more...