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goodfluxetcwow1.com (Fastflux hosting botnet hosted by mnogobyte.ru)


Resolved goodfluxetcwow1.com to Server:  goodfluxetcwow1.com Gate file:  /forum/7f4765027f274bbc95328d79fa668b75.php Alternate domains: goodfluxetcwow2.com b437571f9061b10e5d33c66c83df359e.ru This is the malware component of a fastflux hosting setup. Once installed on a computer it opens a web server on port 80 and a DNS server on port 53. Current IPs used by the setup hxxp://goodfluxetcwow1.com/system/http.php Page showing example forwarding hxxp://goodfluxetcwow1.com/system/test.phpRead more...