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mom003.net (ngrBot irc botnet hosted by Serverius.com)


Resolved mom003.net to, Server:  mom003.net (other domains: mom002.net, mom004.net) Port:  1887 Server password:  speedd Channel:  #bon2 Channel password:  speedd Topic for #xp is: ~dw hxxp://www.sendspace.com/pro/dl/1wzt65 e6bd0bd11484b27ca4f162421a4d423b ~dw hxxp://www.sendspace.com/pro/dl/a3he3l 3c2df1fd533d955c462faaaef03bab02 Topic for #xp set by google at Tue Feb 05 11:49:09 2013 Bots also join #XP, #W7 or #VIS depending on their operating system.Read more...

f0010.info (ngr irc botnet hosted by perfectip.net)


Resolved f0010.info to, Server:  f0010.info Port:  1887 Server Password:   leonis Channel:  #pool Channel password:  leonis * Topic for #pool is: ~pu hxxp://www.sendspace.com/pro/dl/ishh04 1f88bb85c51290b759d16dda9fff692d ~s -o ~s * Topic for #pool set by google at Mon Dec 17 12:16:33 2012 Bots also join the channel for their county, eg #US, and operating system,Read more...

f0001.info (ngrbot irc botnet hosted by United States Chicago Steadfast Networks)


Resolved f0001.info to, Server:  f0001.info Port:  1887 Server password:  leonis Channel:  #pool Channel password:  leonis * Topic for #pool is: ~pu hxxp://hotfile.com/dl/180565282/bc43943/queriendo.exe 3ea04ecdc19fad85fdf2eb15ba20cc9a ~s -o ~s * Topic for #pool set by google at Fri Nov 23 10:26:12 2012 Channel:  #XP * Topic for #xp is: ~dw hxxp://hotfile.com/dl/180565391/ee7fa0b/ccc.exe 55c6bf0eac7a786de324c7f34ef6db12 ~dw hxxp://hotfile.com/dl/180565492/0dd28c1/10.exe ee2dcac3f9f630c69dd750cc6abc5b8a *Read more...