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kca.hopto.org (ngrbot and iRooT bot hosted by Turkey Balikesir Turk Telekomunikasyon Anonim Sirketi)


KCA botnet found by xDrulz (all logs come from him)kca.hopto.org resolved to kca.hopto.orgPort:1453Channel: #KCAPassword: KCABotnick: {US|XP-32a}dwqeivt Channel: #XXXPassword: KCABotnick: [iRooT-XP-USA]959715 Other channels #s #XX #Okey * Retrieving #Okey modes…[14:21:06] * irc.ciftokey.com sets mode: +o Cihan[14:22:31] <Cihan> .udp 5050 5[14:49:34] <Cihan> .visit http://www.avdeposu.com.tr Stealing ftp passwords [19:32] <IRC> {US|XP-32a}dwqeivt: FileZilla -> 7 ser5.scottdalehosting5.com –Read more...

kca.zapto.org (irc bot hosted in United States State College Comcast Business Communications Llc)


Mirc xdcc bots Resolved : [kca.zapto.org] To []   [ADMINCHAN] channel=#KCA3 admin-enable=$true [nick] prenick=WarezDivx [passwords] owner=d9b820a195766546549a0e9a7fb8728d admin=d9b820a195766546549a0e9a7fb8728d filler=d9b820a195766546549a0e9a7fb8728d [message] header-enable=$true footer-enable=$true header=..::[ 1WaReZ R00tZ 2009 ]::.. footer=..::[ 1WaReZ R00tZ 2009 ]::.. [options] needvoice=off [xserver] nspass= status=on sent=2310 packs=0 [xdcc] reqmeth=msg enable-queues=$true enable-autoadd=$false sends=10 queues=20 sends-user=1 queues-user=2 message=$true time=30 [show] queues=$true slots=$true record=$true bandwidth=$true total=$true [channels] 1=#KCA3Read more...