Tag: mystical

www.yahgodz.com (Andromeda http botnet hosted by dataclub.biz)


Resolved www.yahgodz.com to Server:  www.yahgodz.com Gate file:  /http/image.php Additional domains: bighecks.net/http/image.php (Missing gate file, hosted at worldstream.nl sonic4us.ru/http/image.php (Pointed at imageshells.com/admin/image.php (Missing gate file, hosted at worldstream.nl All of these are mystical’s domains, used for various nefarious purposes in the past. A quick google shows that he’s been loading onto thisRead more...

xtremehosting.info, sexwithme.info (Athena irc botnet hosted by voxility.net)


 Resolved xtremehosting.info, sexwithme.info to Server:  xtremehosting.info Port:  6667 Channel:  #boss Channel password:  mystical Topic for #boss is: !stop Topic for #boss set by samiam at Fri Jan 25 10:31:21 2013 Nick format:  [U|WIN7|x64|L]txzrks Server:  sexwithme.info Port:  6667 Channel:  #210 Nick format:  _[USA|U|L|WIN7|x32|4c]rflbxwws Current Local Users: 823  Max: 1585 #boss            243     [+sntVCTk] !stop #210             402    Read more...