Tag: pharming

webingenial.com (ngrBot irc botnet hosted by hosting.ua)


Resolved webingenial.com to Server:  webingenial.com Port:  1865 Channel:  #main Channel password:   4m3r1k4 Topic for #main is: .m on .mdns http://interactua.edu30.com/php.txt Topic for #main set by fuckoff at Thu Feb 07 10:32:31 2013 php.txt www.banamex.com www.banamex.com.mx banamex.com banamex.com.mx bancanet.boveda.banamex.com.mx boveda.banamex.com.mx www.bancanetempresarial.banamex.com.mx Looks like he’s pharming for MexicanRead more...

tuntu.info (ngr irc botnet hosted by United States Miami Servergrove)


Resolved tuntu.info to Server:  tuntu.info Port:  5487 Channel:  #zrl Channel password:  filtro * Topic for #zrl is: !mdns http://freebookclubs.com/thumb/demo/host.txt !up hxxp://www.cesarfelipe.com.br//wp-content/themes/sakura/upd.exe EC62971A5CE3FE7DB74BBA3E5D1568D6 * Topic for #zrl set by dexter at Sun Nov 11 17:11:54 2012 host.txt www.bbvabancocontinental.com bbvabancocontinental.com www.bbvacontinental.com bbvacontinental.com www.bbvacontinental.pe bbvacontinental.pe www.bn.com.pe bn.com.pe more...

tut0r1allsvu.info (ngr botnet hosted by United States Elk Grove Village Foroquimica Sl)


Resolved tut0r1allsvu.info to Server: tut0r1allsvu.info Port:  8059 Password:ocx Channel:  ##h4n Channel password: shell3 * Topic for ##h4n is: -up hxxp://www.premiersportsgroup.co/utily.exe 96E0E5E5861397EF644FA006BB888956 | -s * Topic for ##h4n set by Ko0l at Tue Oct 02 05:13:49 2012 Redirecting Colombian bots for pharming * Topic for #CO is: -mdns http://www.ellegadodelleon.com.ar/wp-content/it.txt * Topic for #CO set byRead more...