Tag: plasma

vvvhhhccc.com (Betabot http botnet hosted by dacentec.com)


Resolved vvvhhhccc.com to Server:  vvvhhhccc.com Gate file:  /8/8/8/be/order.php Alternate domains: virusprotect.su virus-protector.net latinodancewears.com.vn He has a plasma http botnet on the same domain that he is using to mine dogecoins. Gate file:  /8/8/plasma/login.php Hosting info: http://whois.domaintools.com/ Related md5s (Download samples from Malwr.com) Betabot: a58ddb7a7a3b823ff0ddd541f136d9f4 Plasma: 401459ef275cf0639a855a4dff234bf5 Mining info: Stratum+tcp://pool.dogechain.info:3333 -u latinodresses.plasmahttp -p x

illuminati.sx (Plasma http botnet hosted by worldstream.nl)


Resolved illuminati.sx to Server:  illuminati.sx Gate file:  /http/gate.php This is the first time I have seen the HTTP version of plasma and it sucks hard. It seems to be a slightly upgraded version of the old barracuda HTTP bot, with few of the problems fixed. Hosting info: http://whois.domaintools.com/ Bitcoin mining info: miner.start *-aRead more...