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cureid.pw (pop3 bruteforcing botnet hosted by firstvds.ru)


Resolved cureid.pw to Server:  cureid.pw Gate file:  /cmd.php The fort disco brute forcing malware has been upgraded, and is now bruteforcing pop3 accounts. The url list to bruteforce is now a list of domains and MX servers. motorisationplus.com:mx00.1and1.fr instagift.com:aspmx.l.google.com paddypartners.it:cluster2a.eu.messagelabs.com nunofi.sk:mail3.itstudio.cz realasianbabes.com:oxmail.registrar-servers.com kvalitetskatalog.se:kvalitetskatalog.se caissedesdepots.fr:mail1.caissedesdepots.fr siat.ac.cn:mx.cstnet.cn A list is mirrored here, you can see moreRead more...