(Athena irc botnet hosted by bhost.co.uk)

Port:  6667
Current global users 104, max 387
Channel:  #razbot
#razbot          102    

 [n[ARE|U|L|WIN7|x64|2c]loruybe] (rusho@i.hate.microsefrs.com): …
 [n[ARE|U|L|WIN7|x64|2c]loruybe] #strike #razbot
 [n[ARE|U|L|WIN7|x64|2c]loruybe] irc.foonet.com :FooNet Server
 [n[ARE|U|L|WIN7|x64|2c]loruybe] is a Network Administrator
 [n[ARE|U|L|WIN7|x64|2c]loruybe] is available for help.
 [n[ARE|U|L|WIN7|x64|2c]loruybe] idle 00:09:52, signon: Tue Sep 03 11:45:07
 [n[ARE|U|L|WIN7|x64|2c]loruybe] End of WHOIS list.

This is the same authhost as another posted athena botnet.

Hosting infos: http://whois.domaintools.com/

Related md5s (Search on malwr.com to download sample)
Athena: f6f47384f6a6ea64172959b36a473701

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