2.5.0 bot hosted in Spain Ovh Systems)

This is one report from Zazu here is the original link and all credits go to Zazu for this report


DNS Provider:

DNS resolved:

Port: 50111

Server Password: l33thack

Channel #choi

Bot Master’s Nickname: andrew

Hosted By:

Location: Spain

Sample: “”

Sample Status: The sample seems to be encrypted and is fully undetected as of this post

IRCd: UnrealIRCd M0dded by uNkn0wn Crew

Nick Style: n{RU|W7-64a}ueyhnql

Bot Type: Insomnia 2.5.0

Amount of bots: Approximately ~200

Key Bot Functions: Chrome password stealer, Firefox password stealer, FTP password stealer, Several DDoS types, Twitter spread and USB spread

Needed To Run: .NET Framework 2.0 or higher

Image of the bot channel (bots’ point of view):

hosting infos: