(irc botnet hosted by United States United Fibermax Networks Bv)

Port: 6969
Channel: #iRoot
Opers: Rogue, Boss

Nick Format: [Break-BoT-XP-USA]935862

Usb spreading:
[Break-BoT-XP-ARG]356431: [FeVeR-USB] Infected With a FeVeR F:

Version command
Rogue: @version
[Break-BoT-XP-ESP]467870: ..:: iRooT Modded by Break: v1.0 -::..

UDP flood:
Rogue @udp 80 0 25000
[Break-BoT-XP-ESP]467870: [UDP]:  FeVeR Flooding, On TeH PoRT: 80, WiTH A MoFKN DeLaY Of: 0(ms), FoR: 25000(s)

Hosting infos: http://whois.domaintools.com/

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